“Guidelines for Studying the Way” by Dogen

April 5

5:45 PM - 7:20 PM

Vallejo Zen Center

April 5, April 19, April 26, May 3
We will sit for 30 minutes, do a short service and the class will last one hour.
It is a great introduction to practice by our Japanese founder, Dogen Zenji. He tells us how to approach the practice and how to work with a teacher. Zazen is, of course in the middle of it all.” …[W]e can see that breaking bones or crushing marrow is not difficult, but to harmonize the mind is most difficult. Again, the practice of prolonged austerities is not difficult, but to harmonize bodily ativities is most difficult.” Calming the mind and body, just sitting can be the most difficult. Let us explore this with our great master.

Charge for the class is $45. The text is in the book Moon In A Dewdrop, edited by Kaz Tanahashi. This fasicle was translated by Kaz along with Ed Brown. There will be copies of the fasicle available at the zendo so you need not buy the book. There will be a sign-up form in the Community Room.

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