Practice Period

What Is Practice Period?

Practice period is a time to deepen one’s commitment to practice by taking on a bit or a lot more formal practice. It can also be characterized by an intention to practice with a precept such as not praising self at the expense of others or a paramita such as generosity or patience. Practice Period is deeply nourishing.

In the Buddha’s time, the monks would wander and teach during the dry seasons. During the rainy season they would gather together to practice and study as a group. This time of reflection continued in monastic practice in China and Japan. It has traditionally been 90 days long. This is the length of a practice period at Tassajara. At San Francisco Zen Center, Berkeley Zen Center and here practice periods often last 6-8 weeks and end with a five or seven day sesshin. Often, a “shuso” or head student helps the person leading the practice period and deepens their own training.

Please review the document below for statement of intention, dates and references for class and study.

Suggested donation for Practice Period Class: $50.00
Suggested donation for Practice Period Sesshin: $45.00/day
Suggested donatinon for One Day Sit: $45.00

What is practice Period 2023
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